Amanda Milstein is a freelance voice actor and writer currently living in Seattle.

A Detroit native, Amanda comes to Seattle by way of San Antonio, Texas where she earned her Master’s degree in cellular biology. In her spare time, she does indoor rock climbing, linoleum block print carving, baking, camping and hiking and she probably plays a little too much Xbox. Her favorite fictional universes include: Star Wars, Star Trek (yes, both!), Myst, Mass Effect, X Men, The Justice League, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, The Matrix, Tron: Legacy, Doctor Who, Fallout 3 and many, many more.

Amanda is available for voice work and can be contacted by email at ACMilstein@gmail.com

This page serves as an ongoing resume/portfolio of all her current work. Please check out the voice portfolio tab for updated clips and samples of her best and most recent voiceover projects.

“I would highly recommend Amanda if you are looking for a motivated, professional voice actor who is not intimidated to take on complicated creative roles.”

-Damian Szydlo, Violent Life Podcast



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