Voice Portfolio

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Violent Life: A Shadowrun Podcast

Amanda is the voice of Vendetta Violent: a rockstar-by-day, Shadowrunner-by-night and the main character of Violent Life: a fan-made Shadowrun podcast. Click the image below to go to the podcast’s main page.

Vendetta Violent

Here is one of the tracks I sent in with my original audition:

Vendetta Violent #11: Burning Fancy:

Complex Action Actual Play

Amanda will be lending her voice to the new Complex Action Actual Play as Eion, an AI with an attitude who acts as a companion to Payday, a PC who will be played by Damian from the Violent Life Podcast. Below is a promo for the Actual Play’s Patreon page featuring a sneak peek of Payday and Eion.


A brief educational script about the Higgs Boson:

A simple explainer video script:


Video Game Mods

Fallout: New Vegas mod by Kris Takahashi at Interesting NPCs at 3dnpc.com. Amanda Voiced the female scientist in this clip.


Singing Demos

“Crazy in Love” by Billie Holiday:

“Aisling’s Song” from Secret of Kells

“Gotta Knock a Little Harder” from Cowboy Bebop:


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