Current projects under way:

Tales From The Back Gate: Search For Haven

The Tales from the Back Gate series is set in a violent post-apocalyptic wasteland where people constantly undercut one another in a desperate attempt to survive. The Search for Haven follows the stories of Jay-Jay, a carpenter by trade who hosted a popular children’s morning show before the war, and Alice, an incredibly resilient young woman who reluctantly serves as mayor to the fabled underground city of Haven. Jay-Jay is perpetually outrunning slavers in his quest to find a safe place to settle down and build a life for himself. Unsure if Haven even exists, he decides to take the leap and seek out the supposedly impenetrable city.

Amanda is is penning this novel with her good friend and phenomenally talented science fiction author, Hal Wierzbicki. Hal can be contacted at nighthand@gmail.com. The duo are hopeful they will have a finished manuscript ready for publication soon.

Untitled Comic Book – Urban Fantasy/Noir

Amanda is currently developing a comic book that focuses on two parallel timelines: An ancient story of seven all-powerful wizards who cause evil and mayhem across the countryside, and a contemporary tale about seven powerful CEOs who conspire to destabilize the market and poise themselves for power. We will explore the strange power that defies time and connects these two groups in our noir-style story.

Amanda is developing this concept with the fantastic John Campbell, who can be reached at j.campb@gmail.com. They recently brought an artist on board!



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